Funny or Die Becomes YouTube Partner

Comedy video site Funny or Die is now a YouTube partner. This means you’ll be able to access select Funny or Die videos on the largest online video site in the world.

Funny or Die was created by actor and comedian Will Ferrell and screenwriter/director Adam McKay.

Ferrell and McKay have managed to employ the talent of several Hollywood stars in promoting Funny or Die through simply having them appear in a funny video on the site. Natalie Portman, Lindsay Lohan, Zach Galifianakis, Paris Hilton, and Denis Leary have all appeared in Funny or Die videos.

Embedding is disabled on most of the YouTube version of the videos, so you’ll still need to grab embed codes from Only a handful of videos are on the YouTube channel, which seems, thus far, primarily set up to advertise Will Ferrell’s HBO special on DVD.

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