Twitter Rolls Out Retweet Test [Screenshots]

Back in August, Twitter said it was developing a system of officially bringing the Retweet to the social network. Now, they’re unrolling the test to a limited group of users.

Retweeting is quite simple. When you see a Tweet you want to retweet, simply mouseover the lower right corner of the Tweet. Then, click the “retweet” link.


When the Retweeting is done, a simple notification appears underneath the Tweet. You stay right where you are on the page and can continue checking your feed.


Here’s what your Retweet looks like. And this is key for the feature we’ll discuss just after the image.


But there’s a feature of this new Retweeting integration that I don’t like. When one of your followers Retweets something, the original Tweet appears in your stream.

In the screenshot below, I don’t follow @wyattla. Nothing against him, I just have no idea who he is. One of the people I do followed Retweeted @wyattla’s Retweet. But @wyattla’s avatar and original Tweet appear in my stream.


Should the test prove successful, I suppose we’ll all get used to those little grey Retweet indicators. But call me old-school, I still prefer the “traditional” method of Retweeting, where the Retweeter’s Retweet appears in the stream.

What do you think of Twitter’s Retweet experiment? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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