Click Forensics Unveils Online Audience Verification Platform for Shopping Engines

At ad:tech New York this week, Click Forensics unveiled a new online audience verification platform for comparison shopping search engines. The technology evaluates traffic to determine its value to merchant partners.

“Comparison shopping engines and other content aggregators need a simple way to optimize the money they spend on search engine marketing, while improving the quality of leads they send on to merchant partners,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics. “The solution we’re delivering does just that. To our knowledge, it’s the only system available that provides the ability for content aggregators to manage traffic acquisition and traffic monetization in a single interface.”

Features include:

  • High-Volume Campaign Support – measures the quality of tens of millions of clicks, which supports the increase in demand during high traffic seasons.
  • Real-Time Quality-based Filtering – prevents fraudulent and low-quality traffic from reaching merchants, which aids in optimizing ad spend.
  • API Integration – allows integration of the platform directly with existing internal reporting and billing systems.
  • Browser-based Reporting – enables viewing of traffic and audience quality statistics in a browser-based dashboard.

Ultimately, Click Forensics hopes their new platform will help shopping search engines maintain and grow their merchant partner base.

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