Bing Searches Increase 7 Percent in October 2009

My colleague Nathania Johnson reported yesterday that “Bing Wave 2 Becomes Tsunami: Social Sharing, Travel and Health.” I didn’t get the news until this morning, because I was flying from San Diego back to Boston.

But I also found this press release in my email inbox: “Bing Searches Increase 7 Percent in October 2009.” So, it looks like Bing also has the “Big Mo,” or momentum.

If you look closer at the data, Bing’s share of searches among leading search engines increased from 8.96 percent in September 2009 to 9.57 percent in October. Meanwhile, Google’s share decreased 1 percent — from 71.08 percent in September to 70.60 percent in October.

Okay, so maybe the “Big Mo” is actually a “Little Mo.” But, increasing share is better than losing market share. So, let’s give Bing a pat on the back.

Everyone seems to be hoping this turns into a real horse race. Competition is healthy. But more than seven times more searches are conducted on Google than on Bing. So, let’s not get too excited about the small shifts in share over a one-month period.

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