Yahoo! Launches Mobile Site for U.S. Hispanic Users

Yahoo! has launched a site in Español targeted for the U.S. Hispanic market. The site is available for over 1,900 devices at

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Discover via results from Yahoo!’s award-winning mobile Search, editor-selected content, and U.S. and global news content presented in Spanish, including the “América Latina” news section, which provides relevant content from the Latin American region.
  • Stay connected through access to email and social networking accounts from the most popular Web providers, as well as instant messaging, address book, and calendar functions.
  • Stay informed by bringing favorite Web content –sports, news, local information, RSS feeds, weather, stocks, horoscopes, and more — to a single location.

“With the launch of Yahoo! Mobile en Español, we are focused on growing our audience among the more than 46 million U.S. Hispanics by providing a mobile experience that is both culturally and personally relevant, bringing together their world and the world around them,” said Felipe Muñoz, senior mobile director, Yahoo! Hispanic Americas.

Focusing on the Hispanic market is a smart move for Yahoo! comScore mobile internet data shows adoption among Hispanics outpacing other demographics, with 88% accessing the mobile internet on their cell phones.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! is experiencing great success with their mobile homepage, with global usage tripling over the past two years.

“With the introduction of our new Spanish-language homepage, we are well positioned as the center of people’s online lives. We’re reaching the highly influential and increasingly mobile Hispanic market with an engaging and customizable mobile Internet experience, regardless of the language users prefer,” said Muñoz.

The new mobile homepage will also enable a great advertising opportunity for companies targeting the Hispanic market.

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