Leapfish Launches Portal, Search For “Living Web”

Leapfish has launched an entry portal for web users to what they are calling “the Living Web” as they show in their impressive YouTube commercial below. Basically Leapfish offers a start page for web users where they can watch their Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as set up feeds for news, entertainment, sports and other services.

The site offers some very interesting possibilities. It has some similarities to iGoogle but has managed to integrate social media faster than the search giant that recently signed a data share agreement with Twitter. Bing also has access to both Facebook and Twitter so it will be interesting to see if they launch something similar.

Leapfish is part of DotNext a company devoted to innovation. Their CEO Ben Behrouzi gives some insights in to Leapfish in a Fast Company interview below.

Leapfish combines the social media into the search process to create their results. “There remain major aspects of the Web that have not yet integrated “searching” and “sharing” of the Real Time Web, including traditional search. But as filtration and integration progress the Web will take the form of a living breathing database,” their blog notes.

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