Wordstream Integrates Google Analytics for Comprehensive Keyword Research

Wordstream has released an update to their keyword research tool that integrates Google Analytics. The reason for the integration is to pull information about what keywords are actually driving traffic to your website to give you a comprehensive view of your keyword landscape.

Keyword tools are good at providing information on which keywords are searched the most, but you can’t always be sure that a given keyword will actually perform well with your site. Wordstream’s goal is to take the data from its keyword tool and combine it with your Google Analytics keyword data in order to provide better suggestions on which keywords you should focus on.

You can get a trial version of Wordstream for free by clicking here.

Wordstream has put together a handy video demonstrating the new integration with Google Analytics. Check it out:

Have you checked out Wordstream? Let us know what you think of the tool by leaving a comment below.

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