Search Engine Strategies Forum at Online Marketing Summit, San Diego.

I was at PubCon last week in Las Vegas. It was a tremendous show with an excellent turnout. I had quite a few conversations about Search Engine Watch, ClickZ and Search Engine Strategies for 2010 and had a lot of great feedback from PubCon attendees. But it seemed that quite a few people hadn’t noticed one of the new events in the SES calendar for February of next year.

With our partners at Online Marketing Summit we’ll be bringing a full day, two track forum event featuring some of the industry’s leading search marketing experts.

I’ll be kicking off the day with an all star lineup to discuss “SEM, Then and Now. What’s new? What’s the same.” As the description lays out, if you stumbled into a time machine in 1999 and out in 2009 you’d be startled by an array of unfamiliar challenges. Meta tags, reciprocal linking and dynamic URL issues are nowhere near as critical as they used to be all those years ago.

So with a group of industry insiders, I’ll be getting them to give us veteran opinions on what has changed what the new challenges are and how we tackle them. It’s a great way to gear up to search marketing for the new year.

You’ll hear from industry big-brains covering everything from the basics through to more advanced topics. And it’s not just search at OMS, it’s the total online thing. Social media, analytics, demand generation, email and integrated marketing are all covered by experts.

So, come join us for some search marketing in the sun (just take a peek at how fabulous this venue is!).

Register here for Online Marketing Summit, San Diego, Feb 22nd – 25th.

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