Boost eLearning Provides Course on New Google Search Features

Boost eLearning provides search training for organizations, so that employees can conduct efficient searches for their business research. Now, Boost eLearning has unveiled a new course featuring Google’s new search features.

The new course explores the new “show options” feature which allows searchers to filter their searches by time and type.

“A large percentage of enterprise employees use Google for business research,” said Victor D. Alhadeff, CEO of Boost eLearning. “Enterprises therefore gain significant benefits when they help employees learn a greater portion of Google’s powerful search features. With a few minutes of easy online training dramatically improving both search speed and accuracy, employees and employers both come out winners.”

With knowledge workers spending an average of 30 minutes searching, courses like this can help employees streamline their search activity and increase productivity. 40% of searches do not return a desired result, and learning these new features could help reduce that number.

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