New Google Analytics Code Snippet Part of Effort to Speed Up the Web

This week, Google has been pushing out features as part of its campaign to make the Internet faster. Webmaster Central released the Site Performance tool where developers can get suggestions on making their sites run more efficiently. And Google launched its own Public DNS service, to help browsers resolve URL/IP associations faster.

Google Analytics is getting in on the effort with a new code snippet. If you’re not familiar, when you sign up for Google Analytics, you’re given a piece of code to put on your website. That’s how Google can track stats on your site.

This new code snippet is called Asynchronous Tracking and it’s designed to streamline the process of code loading for a given web page. Specifically, Google Analytics is touting the following benefits:

  • Faster tracking code load times
  • Enhanced and more accurate data collection
  • Elimination of tracking errors when the JavaScript hasn’t fully loaded

Asynchronous Tracking is in Beta and it’s optional. The old code will still work if you don’t decide to make the switch.

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