5 New Features from Google Analytics

Yesterday at SES Chicago, Google announced the following updates to Analytics:


If you share Google Analytics information with multiple people, then this will be particularly useful. Just make a note about a spike or dip – and others can respond when they check the analytics on their end.

Custom Variables in Advanced Segments

Multiple custom variables were made available in October, but only as a report in the Visitors section. Beginning this week, you can create advanced segmentation based on custom variables.

Custom Variables in Custom Reports

The custom variables expansion continues with the ability to create custom reports with them. Compare custom variables against any Google Analytics metric with a custom report.

New Analytics Tracking Code Setup Wizard

You can’t get the data unless the tracking code is installed properly. This hasn’t been the easiest of tasks for the coding-challenged. Google’s making it easier for you to get the code working on your site.

New Version of The Analytics API

For this new feature, Google is being a tease. A bigger announcement would come later this week, but they offered up a hint: support for advanced segmentation.

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