Top Stories at SES Chicago 2009 on Day 3

If you don’t count the weather, the top story on Day 3 of SES Chicago 2009 was the morning keynote by Dan Siroker, the co-founder of Spreadly, who led the web analytics team for the Barack Obama presidential campaign and served as a senior member of the larger new media team. Prior to that, Siroker was a product manager for Google Chrome and Google AdWords.

For a summary, read “Using Social Media For Political Campaigns” by Mike Sachoff and Abby Johnson of WebProNews.

Or, read “Keynote: Dan Siroker Obama Transition Team & CarrotSticks from SES Chicago ’09” by by Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable.

Follow his keynote, I interviewed Siroker about the Obama presidential campaign and social affiliate marketing, a new concept that enables businesses to leverage social media marketing and affiliate marketing to give people incentives to talk about your product.

In addition to the morning keynote, several of the conference sessions generated more top stories for SES Chicago 2009. These include “The New MultiMedia Search Age Has Arrived – SES Chicago” byNoah Weiner of ReelSEO Online Video News.

Another top story was “Linguist? Here’s Why the Semantic Web Confuses You – from SES Chicago” by Andy Atkins-Krüger of the Multilingual Search blog.

Another top story was “SES Chicago: Internet Marketing Tips for 2010” posted by Lee Odden of TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog.

If you want to hear Tuesday’s morning keynote by Peter Morville, you can download the podcast at

Searching for Santa.jpg And in the “you had to be there” category, check out the YouTube video below. Yes, that’s me asking speakers at SES Chicago 2009 if they’ve been “naughty or nice” this year — and what they expect Google to bring them for Christmas.

But this was really the brainchild of Jonathan Allen, the New Director of Search Engine Watch. And I didn’t make any of the editing decisions. So, don’t hurt me for any of the clips that you thought should have remained on the cutting room floor.

So, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

These are not the droids you are looking for.

Nothing to see here, move along…

But I didn’t disclose the names of any of the interviewees. So, at least none of your clients, employers, family or friends can find this in a search for your name.

Consider that my little gift to you for the holidays.

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