LinkedIn’s Search Filters Make Finding Contacts MUCH Easier

About a year ago, LinkedIn launched a new search platform, which has turned out to be wildly successful. Search activity has doubled since the update. Of course, their membership has almost doubled as well. No word on whether the chicken or the egg came first on that one.

Either way, LinkedIn is improving their search platform with the addition of filters. The filter options are automatically generated and are placed down the left side of the results.

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 3.03.43 PM.png

Let’s say I want to find someone to network with because I’m interested in a job there. I could click on “San Francisco” because that’s where their HQ is (well, near). Then, on 2nd connection (because at least that would be someone in my network who knows somebody). Last, I could check the filter for Autdesk under “currently working.” I’m left with 7 people to try and contact. That’s much better than sifting through the original 25,000 results!

This is a great update to an already robust search platform. It reduces the need to come up with search refinements on your own, making LinkedIn’s search more efficient – and networking a LOT easier.

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