What is social media? Brian Boland, Facebook, elaborates at SES Chicago 2009

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What is social media? When Chris Shipley announced BlogOn 2004, social media meant blogging and social networking. Today, the term has expanded to also include micro-blogging, Wikis, social bookmarking, social news, photo sharing, video sharing, and more.

At SES Chicago 2009, Byron Gordon of SEO-PR interviewed Brian Boland, Manager, Performance Solutions, Facebook, about the advent of social media. Boland reviewed the social media checklist and addresses the important questions that every business must consider when using social media as a platform.

Boland defined social media as the identity that’s online enabling people to share, create and drive connections across media. Facebook users can build pages to build a dialogue and conversation with their audience and develop their customer-base. Users can also take advantage of Facebook ads as a way of promoting their products and drive people to their FB page.

Boland also discussed the challenge companies find when using social media and how it effects their branding. If a business chooses to stay out of the social media conversation, then it can’t influence and/or shape the conversation and develop meaningful connections with your customers.

What is social media? Brian Boland, Facebook, elaborates at SES Chicago 2009

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