OneRiot Launches Real-Time Ad Network for Web and Mobile App Developers

Developing applications for Twitter, Facebook, and the iPhone are all the rage right now. These networks and apps have been the driving force behind the real-time web trend.

Of course, what’s a good web innovation without a little monetization? Real-time search engine OneRiot is attempting to capitalize on social trends by launching RiotWise Trending Ads, which is based on the RiotWise ad network launched this past September.

“RiotWise is grounded on the premise that users of realtime web apps are trying to find out what’s going on right now, said Tobias Peggs, General Manger, OneRiot. “Our ads directly match that intent. RiotWise Trending Ads offers another exciting option for developers to monetize their social web applications.”

These ads can be accessed by web developers who can then monetize their apps with the ads. Since the ads will be relevant to the topics users will be discussing, they may be more likely to reach notoriously ad-stubborn social web users. Revenue from the ads will be split between OneRiot and developers.

Hitting the ground running with RiotWise Trending Ads is Digsby, a popular instant messaging, email, and social network application.

“We jumped at the opportunity to implement RiotWise Trending Ads in Digsby,” said Steve Shapiro, President, Digsby. “The ads are socially relevant, and add real value to our users’ overall experience.”

If successful, OneRiot’s real-times ads could really be a game changer for so many niches. The industry has really needed solid innovation, and this might just be it.

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