StumbleUpon Unveils Most Stumbled Sites for 2009

StumbleUpon has had quite a year. They bought themselves back from eBay and launched a URL shortening service, among other things. Now, they’re revealing the most stumbled sites for their historic year that was 2009.

Here they are, broken down by category:


Jim Jarmusch Quote – 278K Stumbles
Aled Lewis Illustrations – 253K Stumbles
Pepsi Logo Response – 229K Stumbles


99 Things You Should Have Seen On The Internet – 471K Stumbles
Scary Good Facepaint – 374K Stumbles
Slightly Warped Curiosities: Gibraltar Airport – 352K Stumbles


26 Cakes Perfect for Geeks – 290K Stumbles
Pasta Pie Recipe – 231K Stumbles
Hasselback Potatoes Recipe – 231K Stumbles


Air Traffic in 24 Hours – 130K Stumbles
Free Heat from Old Window and Soda Cans – 113K Stumbles
Think About Your Morning Latte – 112K Stumbles


Cheat Sheet for Travelling Back in Time – 472K Stumbles
Life Summarized in 4 Bottles – 439K Stumbles
As Luck Would Have It… – 369K Stumbles


8 Tracks Mix: Songs that Make You Feel Better – 368K Stumbles
Gizmodo: Proof That Birds are Secret Composers – 313K Stumbles
Fun With Rap Music – 298K Stumbles


Peter Funch Street Photography – 410K Stumbles
Stunning Wildlife Camouflage – 356K Stumbles
14 Rare Color Photos From the FSA-OWI – 341K Stumbles


Robot/People Art by Kacie Kinzer – 230K Stumbles
Photographs of and from the Hubble Space Telescope – 219K Stumbles
Default Password for Roadside Led Signs – 184K Stumbles


12 Most Amazing Pools in the World – 196K Stumbles
9 best Train Journeys in the World – 172K Stumbles
Anderson Cooper’s Blog: 28 things I wish I’d known before I started traveling – 165K Stumbles

Video Games

Ball Droppings – 292K Stumbles
Amazing Mario Level – 214K Stumbles
Canabalt – 192K Stumbles

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