Google Adds “Near Me Now” to Mobile Homepage, Actually Provides Nearby Results

If you’re rocking the iPhone or Android 2.0.1 or later (can you say, Nexus One?), then you’re getting access to a new feature on the Google mobile homepage. It’s called “Near Me Now” and you can access it via a link underneath the main search box (you know, where you type in the keywords).


Once there, you’ll – and I know this is going to blow your mind – find restaurants, businesses and other establishments that are in close proximity to your current location.


I’m a caffeine addict so naturally I wanted to see how good the coffee results were. With most geo-location apps and mobile web sites, it’s – eh – ok. This time, the skies opened, and singing rang through the heavens. Because, friends, Starbucks, Caribou and Camille’s are indeed the closest coffee shops!!!!! This really almost never happens.


Restaurants provided similar results. The results weren’t in perfect order of geographic distance from my location, but that’s not the total point.

Angus Barn is one of Raleigh’s most treasured restaurants and it happens to be quite close to me. Great first suggestion. Crazy Fire is, of course, part of a chain and quite popular. Azitra is one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been to that wasn’t in India – another great suggestion.

I’m impressed because Google isn’t always this good with results in Raleigh-Durham (Neither is anyone else for that matter). But this is very spot-on.


My glee is obvious. What are your thoughts on this new feature?

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