Trulia Unveils New Local Advertising Platform

Real estate search site Trulia is now offering the ability to purchase a percentage share of advertising on their site in order to target markets geographically. Dubbed simply Trulia Local Ads, the offering includes both display ads on the site and search listings.

“The Trulia Local Ads platform has completely opened up the ad market on Trulia, allowing individuals and businesses of any size to easily, quickly and affordably reach hyper-targeted, hyper-local audiences,” said Pete Flint, CEO and co-founder of Trulia.

Trulia will provide detailed results on campaign performance so that advertisers can adjust their ads to fit their budget and maximize their spend. Details include traffic stats and click through rates.

“Real estate professionals and business can now build compelling and engaging advertising campaigns that will generate tangible results,” said Flint. “Through our testing, we know dynamic, hyper-local ads perform 5 times better than the industry average for traditional static banner ads.”

To assist in ad creation, Trulia is offering an automatic campaign creation tool. Advertisers can choose from among several different templates. The ads will pull info from their Trulia real estate profile to create dynamic ads. Advertisers also have the option of uploading their own photos to create customized ads.

Ads can be targeted to searchers at the city and zip code level. Limited inventory means advertisers could potentially lock out their competition.

Currently, Trulia Local Ads is being released to Trulia Pro subscribers only.

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