Report: Apple, Microsoft in Talks to Set Bing as Default Search on iPhone

Yes, those are pigs you see flying through the air. According to Business Week, Apple and Microsoft – yes, Microsoft – are in talks to make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone.

Right now, Apple gives Google the default privilege – but Google’s mobile operating system Android is giving the iPhone competition with the Droid and Nexus One.

Apple doesn’t want Google having data on the iPhone that they get through their close-yet-fading relationship.

Microsoft in the mobile space is less of a threat. Also, since Bing has truly upped its mojo in the maps space – Apple would be providing iPhone users with a much better mapping service if Bing Maps were the native mapping app. (Pssst. That app can’t be removed, by the way.)

For its part, Microsoft would get a huge boost in its desire to gain serious ground in the search game. Mobile is growing like crazy, thanks mostly to the iPhone.

For now, this is a big win-win for both Apple and Microsoft. In the long-term, Apple would still be smart to get invested in search independent of Google or Microsoft (can’t say this enough!). I can’t imagine they really want Microsoft close to their darling device for too long.

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