Dear Avinash: Kaushik answers search, SEO metrics, and analytics questions

Avinash Kaushik and Greg Jarboe

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Back on January 12, 2010, Avinash Kaushik, co-founder of Market Motive Inc. and best-selling author of Web Analytics: An Hour A Day, was the featured presenter on an SES Webcast about Analytics 2010 – Driving the data!

Now, I did happen to mention in a blog post about the event that Kaushik would be giving out six free copies of his newest book, “Web Analytics 2.0,” to the participants who ask the most compelling questions during the webcast. So, maybe I’m partially to blame for what happened next.

His webcast was a big success. And in terms of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), his questions-per-attendee was off the chart!

But there were more questions than he had time to answer in the one-hour webcast.

Fortunately, he has taken the time and effort to tackle a small selection of the 80 questions the he could not answer in the wide ranging webinar. You’ll find them on his blog, Occam’s Razor, in a post entitled, “Dear Avinash: Search / SEO Metrics & Analytics Questions + Answers.”

And his detailed answers are accompanied by illustrations, charts, and screen shots. So, dig in — and dig deep.

Oh, and that’s just a small sample of what you’ll hear during his morning keynote at SES London 2010 as well as one of the keynotes at SES New York 2010.

This is also why I’ve advised industry veterans: Don’t sleep in. Yes, yes, it’s traditional to drink all night and sleep through the morning keynotes. But you won’t want to miss Kaushik’s morning keynote, “Be Awesome: Ideas for Approaching Search Analytics Differently.”

If you want the KPI for hearing his keynote, then I suggest “actionable-insights-per-words-spoken.” Based on his track record, Kaushik’s keynotes will be off the chart.

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