GoDaddy Superbowl Ads Under Attack From Morality in Media

It is Superbowl time again soon (go Jets) and in what seems to be the viral marketing method of GoDaddy, their ads are under attack again, this time before being screened.

Morality in Media, an interfaith organization “battles pornography and other forms of what it considers obscenity in the media,” according to Wikipedia.

MiM President Robert Peters was quoted from the Christian Newswire:

“It is no secret that loves to ‘push the envelope’ when it comes to the content of its ads; and it would appear that this year’s Super Bowl ads may push as close to the indecency line as CBS Network ‘censors’ will allow, which could be as close as CBS thinks it can get away with.

“For an advanced look at what may have in store for football fans of all ages during this year’s Super Bowl game, parents in particular should check out the sexually oriented content that appears on that company’s website under the subhead, ‘Super Bowl 2010 – Sneak Preview.’

“Sure looks like lesbian strip performances to me.

“But the content of its Super Bowl ads is not the only problem. also provides services to businesses that distribute over the Internet, free of charge and without proof of age, hardcore adult pornography that depicts among other things: urination, fisting (sticking a fist into the vagina), double penetration (sticking two penises into a female’s anus), bondage, incest, teen sex, rape and bestiality.

“I say, ‘services,’ because as advertised on its website, doesn’t just provide domain name registration. It also provides many other services, including: ‘Web Hosting,’ ‘Email Marketing,’ ‘Web Design Services,’ ‘Logo Design Services,’ ‘Brand Identity Design Services,’ ‘Search Engine Visibility,’ ‘Site Analytics,’ ‘Social Visibility,’ and ‘5 Step Business Solution.’

“Now, it may be that is often not aware that a website it is providing one or more services to is offering for sale hardcore adult pornography on the Internet. It may also be, depending on the nature of the service, that would have a defense under the law.

“But if, knowing the hardcore nature of a website’s content, provides some of its services to the site, which is later charged with violating Internet obscenity laws, I think could be charged with aiding and abetting (or facilitating) violations of these criminal laws.

“Not that any of the above would concern CBS, but it should concern NFL owners and everyone else concerned about the well being of children and the proliferation of smut on TV and the Internet.”

The videos which can be seen at GoDaddy are suggestive but not pornographic. Peters has a broad interpretation of lesbian acts and just does not know what double penetration is generally defined as. Now it will be up to CBS and the NFL to decide what happens.

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