New Twitter Recommendation Feature Helps You Find A-List Tweeple

Twitter has released a new recommendation feature in which you can find people to follow according to topic. The Tweeple listed are A-listers with tons of followers. If you’re into that sort of thing, just click on “Find People” and then click on the “Browse Suggestions” tab.

Personally, I like following people in order to converse, joke around, share links, etc. I don’t find that the “top tweet” lists provide good recommendations for that. A-listers don’t tend to talk very much with us pee-ons. If any A-listers have anything of real value to say, it will get ReTweeted enough and I’ll see it.

Hopefully in the future, Twitter will add recommendation features that offer more than just a list of “popular” people based on hype, status and follower count.

They are beginning to serve up 20 random suggestions when new users sign up. That may be an indication to do more in the future. It would be in their best interest because solid connections and multiple two-way relationships will help give Twitter staying power.

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