Webtrends and Acronym Media Team Up to Provide Search Marketing Tools

It must be partnership announcement day in the search industry. Earlier this morning Jonathan Allen reported on the new deal between Distilled and SEOMoz. Now, we’re getting word of a new partnership between Webtrends and Acronym Media. The two have paired up to provide software solutions to aid search marketers in managing and executing their efforts.

“The need for marketers to easily optimize their content from a single platform while integrating with partners like Acronym Media will be a significant priority in the near future. Acronym Media understands the importance of bringing this philosophy together through search marketing and web measurement,” said James McDermott, vice president partnerships, Webtrends.

One of the new tools is EKOS (Enterprise Keyword Optimization System), a dashboard reporting platform designed to provide an integration of web analytics data, including conversion funnels, bounce rates and visitor profiles. EKOS is compatible with Ad Director and Webtrends Analytics 9.

“The need for measurable results and revenue-generating strategies has never been as great as it is now, and a tool like EKOS, combined with powerful Webtrends analytics, is uniquely positioned to deliver the customer and campaign intelligence required for world-class marketing,” said Anton E. Konikoff, Founder & CEO of Acronym Media.

Acronym Media and Webtrends also have competitive intelligence solutions planned, including Deep Dive Competitor Analysis and Competitive Intelligence Monitoring.

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