Yield Launches Free SEO Product, Updates Premium SEO Solution

Yield Software has launched a new FREE product called SEO Analyzer. To use the tool, simply go directly to YieldSoftware.com and look for SEO Analyzer. Type in the URL you wish to analyze and your email, then click Submit.

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First impression? SEO Analyzer tool works fast. Many free tools are slow and you can practically write a thesis while it loads. But this one is super-fast.

SEO Analyzer is also easy to understand. Do you remember getting started in SEO and you had to learn all about HTML tags, links (inbound/outbound/internal etc), domain age, etc? SEO Analyzer is clear as day. A clear day. Sunny skies. No clouds.

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Some of the recommendations are subject to debate. Long discussions and arguments have taken place in the SEO community over things like using hyphens to separate words in URLs. If you’re new to SEO, welcome to the confusing world of best practices.

SEO Analyzer also serves up suggestions that are good for usability, even though they don’t directly involve rankings, per se. For example, meta descriptions, at least in Google’s case, do not directly affect rankings. But they are included in the search results and could persuade a searcher to click on a link.

While SEO Analyzer is a helpful product, Yield Software offers a more robust solution if you want to get really in-depth with your SEO. The solution is called Natural Search Optimizer. It’s part of Yield’s premium search marketing suite, but Yield is now offering Natural Search Optimizer as its own stand-alone product. Pricing starts at $49 per month per domain.

“Yield Software’s new stand-alone version of our Natural Search Optimizer works daily to track and tune web pages to drive more qualified traffic to company websites, products and services,” said Matt Malden, founder and CEO of Yield Software.

With the new offering comes new features. Upgrades include inbound link tracking, traffic monitoring and page rank trend analysis for keywords across the Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The upgrades are included in both the stand-alone version and for the module included with the Yield Software suite.

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