Dallas Cowboys Beat Colts, Saints for Most Searched NFL Team on Bing

Team Manning and Team Brees, eat your hearts out. It’s Team Romo that won the search bowl – at least on Bing.

That’s right, the Dallas Cowboys were the most searched NFL team on Bing this season. They beat out both teams that will play in the Superbowl this coming Sunday – the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. If you’re wondering why I keep writing Colts before Saints (I know you’re not but humor me) – it’s because this Sunday I’m a Colts fan. (Hey, the Panthers and the Giants didn’t make it, ok?)

But I’ll throw you a bone, Saints fans – New Orleans was the 5th most searched NFL team on Bing. The Colts came in a paltry 15th place. Ouch!

By the way, if you want to keep up with the Big Game’s stats and scores this Sunday, Bing’s Instant Answers will be fired up and ready to keep you informed. Type the key terms ‘Super Bowl XLIV’ or ‘Super Bowl 2010’ directly into the Bing search box.

In the meantime, query those terms and get links to pre-game analysis as well as recipes for your Superbowl party.

Screen shot 2010-02-02 at 5.51.54 PM.png

And be sure to head to Bing/Twitter to catch real-time reaction from the Twittersphere about the game and, of course, those all-important Superbowl ads.

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