An Extremely Brief History of Superbowl Commercials vs. Random Football Facts!

In abount an hour, you’ll get a chance to vote for your favorite Super Bowl 2010 commercials at YouTube’s AdBlitz Channel. But you can vote for the best pre-game YouTube videos now.

Greg Jarboe at The Next Wave for Online Video

Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr

Now, most marketers are focused on the Super Bowl commercials themselves. But there’s a new category — and a new opportunity — worth checking out.

So, in no particular order, check out the two contenders — and let me know your favorite pre-game video in the comments area below.

First up is one of the featured videos, An Extremely Brief History of Superbowl Commercials. “When people watch a television program just so they can see the ads, you’ve reached a very weird place in culture that is worth studying.”

Next up is another featured video worth your consideration: Random Football Facts! The background music for this video was made by an awesome band called “Mars Argo”.

Feel free to nominate other pre-game Super Bowl videos. The winner gets bupkis. But, hey, this beats watching television until the game starts.

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