Facebook Changes: Navigation, Photo Uploads and Bing

Get ready for the “Bring Back the Old Facebook” groups.

There’s a flurry of changes going on at Facebook and they should be quite noticeable to even the most casual observer.

First of all, Facebook has changed their navigation. Again. Yes, it’s like changing your underwear. Assuming that you change your underwear regularly.

The new navigation updates are rolling out, so you may not have them yet – but you’ll get them soon. It basically involves a new, comprehensive dashboard along the left sidebar. Plus, notifications are easily accessed across a new top bar. Here are screenshots per the Facebook blog:



Meanwhile, Facebook is also launching a new way to upload photos. When your account has received the change, you’ll be prompted to install a plugin for your web browser. You will be required to install it in order to upload photos in the future.

After the install, a photo browser will appear in a dialogue box on your screen. It will mimic how you open a file on your average desktop program on your computer.


Once you’ve selected photos to upload, you’ll be able to conduct other tasks while the upload is taking place (aka asynchronous uploading). When the upload is complete, you’ll get a notification informing your photo is ready.

Last but not least, Facebook and Bing have updated their partnership. Bing search will be further integrated by offering features such as Instant Answers. The search partnership remains exclusive. But Microsoft will no longer be selling display ads for Bing.

By the way, Happy Birthday to Facebook, which celebrated its 6th year of service last year. They’re running strong with 400 million members worldwide.

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