New Bing Maps App Turns to Flickr for Streetside Photos

Bing is well on its way in providing street-level imagery on its maps product. Now, they’re incorporating Flickr photos through a new Bing Maps application called Streetside Photos. The photos are associated with their location and laid on top of existing Streetside imagery.


Photos are given attribution, but if you find a photo that shouldn’t be included in the app – or find yours and don’t want it there – you can click the “Report” button to have the image removed.

On the flip side, if you *do* want your images to appear in Streetside Photos, then you’ll need to make sure they have the correct settings in Flickr. By default, all photos are set to “All Rights Reserved,” preventing Bing from accessing them. Set your photos instead to one of the following:

  • Attribution Creative Commons
  • Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons
  • Attribution-NoDerivs Creative Commons

Currently, Streetside Photos are only available in Seattle, San Francisco and Vancouver.

Image via Bing Maps blog

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