Leftovers: 9 Google Updates Including, Yes, Already a Buzz Update

So many Google updates. So little time.

It was another overachieving week for Google. In addition to launching their own quasi-social network and acquiring Aardvark, they were busy pushing out a bunch of updates to existing products and sharing new data. And yes, even Buzz has received its first round of updates.

Without further ado….

AdWords is now offering up Bid Ideas in the Opportunities Tab. Bid ideas are based on bid simulator data.

Google AdSense explains how they treat keywords from referral search engines as content on publisher websites in order to serve up relevant ads.

Google Buzz is responding to privacy complaints by offering a blocking option and making network following options more visible.

Google Maps and Google Earth have received an imagery update which includes Vietnam, Canada along the Great Lakes and pockets of imagery in Africa, Europe and the U.S.

The Google Retail blog released data showing what I think we all already knew: that women search more for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for their significant others than men.

YouTube has released a “Speed Dashboard” as part of its campaign to speed up the web.

Google Search for Mobile has a new look.

Google Building Maker is now available in Australia.

Android has made service changes to Version 2.0.

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