Who is the most infamous Black Hat SEO on the whole of the web?

It is the year 2010… So get yourself down to Search Engine Strategies for the, all new, Black Hat Vs White Hat Unconferenced & London SEO party.

If you are coming to SES London this week and expect to have such a good time that you stay and mingle (count on it), then remember to join us in the Hilton Cocktail Lounge for the first ever Black Hat/White Hat Unconferenced… erm, panel debate thing. Details below:

Join us for a first time and unique sessio n at SES,London. Black Hat/White Hat Unconferenced. The session takes place in the hotel bar. The soapbox will be available for a few select speakers on either side to make their case and then the audience takes over. All with a glass of your favourite beverage in your hand, of course!

Think about it like a conference but with cocktails. How good is that? With the combination of booze & Blackhats you never know where the conversation might lead!

If you can’t join us for that then you can still catchup up in person at London SEO at Thursday 6pm on Thursday 18th February.

Last time I went to LondonSEO, I can’t exactly recall what happened. I’ve been trying to piece it together but this is all I’ve got so far.

Last orders (or take-outs) for 50 SEOs.

Checkout 50 SEOs #SESlondon #LondonSEO Pub remix on the Search Engine Watch YouTube channel.

P.S. Here’s a map from the LondonSEO pub (btw it’s a proper british boozer), if you get lost on your way home :)

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