Bryan Eisenberg shares 21 secrets of top converting websites at SES London 2010

So, what is a New York Yankees fan doing at SES London 2010? Well, if you are a marketing speaker like Bryan Eisenberg, you’re sharing “21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites” during your opening keynote.

Bryan Eisenberg and Avinash Kaushik

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Now, the average conversion rate for a website is around 3%, but many websites convert at 10% or higher. What do they do that you may not be doing?

Eisenberg, who has been helping companies improve their conversion rates since 1998, revealed 21 of his most valuable tips to increase your conversion rate. Although you had to be there to hear them all in real time, he will also be reprising his remarks at SES New York 2010 in a session entitled, “21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites.”

So, how can I capture what Eisenberg said in this fast paced session? Well, let me suggest that you read Mel Carson’s post on the Microsoft Advertising Blog entitled, “21 Secrets from Bryan Eisenberg’s Keynote – SES London 2010.”

For a second opinion, let me also suggest that you read Andrew Girdwood’s post entitled, “Reflections on Bryan Eisenberg’s keynote at Search Engine Strategies, London, 2010 (#seslondon).”

Or, you can also watch my video interview with Eisenberg below. No, you won’t hear all 21 relevant examples from retail sites, B2B sites, publishers and everything in between. You had to be there to hear that. But you’ll get one or two of his major takeaways.

Plus, you’ll get to see for yourself just how slim and svelte he is — for a Yankees fan who knows where the best pizza in Brooklyn can be found. Check it out.

Website conversion secrets with Bryan Eisenberg at SES London 2010

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