ChaCha Launches Three APIs

Developers get access to substantial database of answers and search content.

ChaCha has built success as a text-messaging search/answer service. Now, they’re allowing developers to harness the power of all their collected knowledge with the release of three APIs.

“Through our unique SMS- and web-based answer service, we’ve collected hundreds of millions of answers since early 2008. We are excited to put our API into the hands of the developer community to see all of the interesting things they come up with in leveraging our vast database of content,” says Scott Jones, CEO of ChaCha.

The three APIs are:

  • Quick ChaCha Answer – query the API with a specific question, get an answer instantly
  • Top ChaCha Answers – query the API with a general topic or keywords and get a list of the most popular answers
  • ChaCha Trends – query the API to find out what the world is asking about

ChaCha is utilizing a simple REST query API, which goes directly into its database for a quick return. Questions get answers back immediately. Or you can get an RSS feed back of the most recent answers.

“It’s all about taking our viral, popular service and giving people the ability to use ChaCha from anywhere,” concluded Jones.

ChaCha has been hard at work lately, not just releasing the new APIs but also launching a Facebook application.

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