Twitterverse beats Blogosphere for link building tips at SES London

Here are 10 thweet tips on linkbuilding from SES London 2010.

The buzz on Twitter at SES London 2010 was immense. Some fantastic tweets were compiled by Kevin Gibbons compiled on SEOpitimise’s blog here: Top 10 SES London Day One Tips from Twitter! There was also significant buzz on the blogosphere, of which, Malcolm Coles has faithfully compiled a complete guide to SES London: the ultimate list of blogs about it.

Interestingly enough, looking at the blogosphere it seems there was not much coverage of the sessions on link building, however there was almost an entire conference going on simply in the Twitterverse.

Below are some of the linkbuilding gems of wisdom that were being tweeted and re-tweeted live from the sessions.

thweet tips linkbuilding 2.png

thweet tips linkbuilding 6.png

thweet tips linkbuilding 21.png

thweet tips link building 2.png

thweet tips linkbuilding 33.png

thweet tips linkbuilding 42.png

thweet tips seo 7.png

thweet tips seo 5.png

thweet tips seo 4.png

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