How to create, optimize, and promote video on YouTube

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’m speaking on the morning roundtable at SES San Diego 2010. Later in the afternoon, I’m also speaking at the “YouTube & Video Optimization” session.

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Once you decide that you need to include YouTube in your search engine optimization and social media marketing strategy, then you need to learn:

  1. How to optimize videos for YouTube so they get discovered,
  2. How to create videos for YouTube that get watched, and
  3. How to promote videos on YouTube so they get shared.

Why? Because YouTube allows millions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos, but it doesn’t guarantee that they will.

Now, you can attend SES San Diego 2010 to learn how to create, optimize, and promote video on YouTube. Or, check out the three how-to videos below that were shot during SES Chicago 2009 but have just been uploaded to Search Engine Watch’s channel on YouTube.

The first how-to video describes how to optimize video for YouTube and provides some tips on how to do that. Since 20 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, it is challenging to get your YouTube video found.

To get around this, you need to do keyword research using YouTube’s auto discovery feature or keyword suggestion tool. Once you have identified the appropriate keywords that people are searching for, then you need to make sure those keywords are in your video’s title, description, and tags.

Optimize YouTube videos and 3 key steps on how to do it

The second how-to video talks about how important it is to engage the community with compelling video content.

YouTube Optimization techniques from Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR

The third how-to video discusses sharing video. Sharing video can be done a variety of ways. This includes emailing your friends and associates about your video, embedding it in a blog (by including a snippet of text that is included when you finish uploading your video), tweeting about your video, and/or uploading it to Facebook.

It’s the sharing capability of your video that can cause it to go viral. You can also work outside of the YouTube community to get your video featured on influential blogs. This not only generates greater visibility for your video but also boosts visibility among the readers of the influential blog.

Optimize YouTube videos and how to share them with Greg Jarboe

We’ve uploaded other how-to videos to SESConferenceExpo’s channel on YouTube, including “How to do keyword research with Christine Churchill at SES Chicago 2009,” “How to optimize your videos with Topher Kohan, CNN at SES Chicago 2009,” and “How to develop a website architecture with Shari Thurow at SES Chicago 2009.”

But the three how-to videos in today’s post from the Search Engine Watch’s channel are relatively new, so I’m interested in what you think about them. Is this useful information? Should we create more how-to videos? Let me know in the comments below.

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