Buzzzy shortcuts app development for Google Buzz

Developers take the initiative and launch a Buzz API before Google do. Now you can start building apps based on Google Buzz activity.


Workdigital, the development brains behind Twitjobsearch, (disclosure: WorkDigital are part owned by Incisive Media) were looking at ways to improve their job search engine for microblogging platforms and naturally decided to take a look at Google Buzz.

They quickly hit a stumbling block, namely that Google Buzz still does not have an API. So, they went ahead and built one themselves.

First they made it searchable via Buzzzy and now they have released details of the Buzzzy API.

I have only had a quick play with their search facility but something that impressed me immediately is now you can filter your Google Buzz searches to only look at whats been shared by Google Reader – and what is interesting about that is Google profiles display job title.

Are suitably senior positions sharing your content?

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