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In my earlier post about the impact of a Twitter wall on SES London, which caused our SES London content to trend on Twitter, i looked at whether infographic data could be useful. In this post, I have a first stab at visualising the data to assess the value of hashtags when blogging an event.

What follows is a breakdown of the performance of every blog post i managed to track at the time of formulation into a rankings index qualified by clicks. It’s not a competition, but a statistical analysis that seeks to tell a ‘story’ about the blogs who covered London SES 2010.

A note about the methodology used
All blog posts are measured by public data available via Any URL shortened by can be analyzed for clicks simply by doing the following:

  • If you know the URL, insert /info/ at the end of the domain and before the redirect code. Eg. the short URL for my previous post can be analyzed by re-writing it as
  • If you dont know the URL, but it’s recently posted, simply shorten the URL you want to measure using their tool and see if an aggregate statistic shows up. It should say something like “0 clicks out of X”. If it does, simply view the info of the new URL you have created and then grab the aggregate short URL code to analyze using the method above.

Data collection disclaimer

  • is not necessarily accurate and cant be tracked via Web Analytics very easily. The data below is not necessarily indicative of the traffic to the blogs and posts overall.
  • The data is naturally skewed to posts that were measurable by If the link to the blog post was not shortened via then it would not be included in the chart. This means that whoever blogs is most likely to be top of the charts but that is deliberate and a fair measurement if you take it into account.
  • These statistics do not reflect the quality of content on the blog in any way. It is simply a proof of concept of how you can calculate the relative performance of blogs that post against certain hashtags.

Single post with most clicks from Bit.lySEOptimise
Top 10 SES London Day One Tips from Twitter!

Blog with most clicks from Bit.lyMicrosoft adCenter

Most (Re)Tweeted postsSEO Chicks

Most popular post by region according to clicks (ranked in descending order of % share of clicks)

Top 20 blog posts about SES London; ranked in descending order according to % share of clicks

  1. SEOptimise 10.2% Top 10 SES London Day One Tips from Twitter!
  2. Microsoft AdCenter 9.0% 21 Secrets from Bryan Eisenberg’s Keynote – SES London 2010
  3. SEO Chicks 5.9% SESLondon: Be Awesome! Ideas for Approaching Search Analytics Differently – Avinash Kaushik
  4. Freshegg 5.5.% Avinash Kaushik Keynote Speech at SES London 2010: A Recap
  5. SEO Chicks 5.2% SES London: Social Media 101, Lisa Myers
  6. State of Search 5.1% SES 2010 – Day 2- Brian Eisenberg – 21 secrets of top converting websites
  7. SEOptimise 4.1% What happens to London SEOs when you remix their drinks?
  8. Malcolm Coles 4.1% SES London: the ultimate list of blogs about it
  9. Fiona Cullinan 3.2% A dozen Twitter tips for 2010
  10. SEO Chicks 3.2% SES London KEYNOTE:SEO Where to Next?
  11. SEO Chicks 3.2% SES London 2010: Liveblog Schedule
  12. Microsoft AdCenter 3.1% Quoting Jim Sterne at SES London 2010
  13. Microsoft AdCenter 2.8% Social Media 101 with Lisa Myers – SES London 2010
  14. Web Certain 2.7% SES London Global SEO:Domains, Hosting and Geo-targeting #SES
  15. Freshegg 2.4% Real Time Search: SES London 2010 Recap
  16. Microsoft AdCenter 2.3% Introduction to SEO – Tips from SES London 2010
  17. Andrew Girdwood 2.1% Real-Time SEO: Newspapers come to SES London (#seslondon)
  18. Microsoft AdCenter 2.0% Analytics Geeks Ahoy! – SES London 2010
  19. SEO Japan 1.9% SES London 2010 : 最後に総括・・・地味ながら進化し続けるサーチ。乗り遅れず未来を体感、いや築いていこう。
  20. Bijgespijkerd 1.9% Internetmarketing tips vanuit SES London: Bryan Eisenberg
  21. SESLondon Day 2 KEYNOTE: Bryan Eisenberg – 21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites
  22. Search Engine Strategies 2010 – Day 1
  23. PPC vs SEO Showdown: SES London 2010 Recap
  24. SES London 2010 Video – Day 2
  25. Verslag SES London: Avinash Kaushik
  26. Beyond Ten Blue Links – Bing at SES London 2010
  27. Travel, Recruitment, Gambling & Retail SEO Strategies: SES London 2010 Recap
  28. Overview of the Ultimate Search Marketing Battle – PPC vs SEO
  29. Interviews with SES Speakers Andy Atkins-Kruger, John Marshall, Matthew Wood and Erica Schmidt
  30. SES London: Inspiratie voor Social & Search
  31. SES Day 2 Session 2 – Digital Assets Optimisation
  32. SES London PANEL: Social Media & the Marketing Mix
  33. Search Advertising Tools – SES London 2010
  34. Reflections on Bryan Eisenberg’s keynote at Search Engine Strategies, London, 2010 (#seslondon)
  35. SES London 2010 : コンバージョンとユーザビリティを向上するLPOのベストプラクティス
  36. International SEO: SES London 2010 Recap
  37. SES London 2010: Blog Post Round Up
  38. Developing Great Content – SES London 2010
  39. Is Social Media A Fad?
  40. State of the UK Search Industry: SES London 2010 Recap
  41. Visualizing Anchor Text
  42. SES London 2010 : SEOの未来はどこへ?

Key insights


The most interesting thing that emerged for me, aside from the fact that Keynotes & sessions are the most popular content, was that there was also significant value in blogging about the event itself, rather than simply the content of the session and keynotes. Posts about what bloggers planned to write about, off topic insights during the conference and compilations of all the posts they found made up over 20% of the total traffic. This suggests to me that demand for content is high and buzz really is infectious – people who cannot attend may well be getting as close as they can via the bloggers.

Finally, here is a stats sheet of all the posts and ranked in order of popularity within their own blog. I simply included it to show the full data set – do with it what you will :)


Please do drop your thoughts on this experiment in the comments below.

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