BigMouthMedia Merges with LBi

Andrew Girdwood from BigMouthMedia, a global Search Marketing agency borne out of the UK, blogged a merger with LBi via Tumblr today.

We have yet to get the full story from a search perspective but it’s significant news as it shows that agencies are now consolidating their services to meet client demand for expertise in all aspects of online marketing, such as social media ecosystems, mobile appstores and future advances in search engines.

Here is an excerpt from the announcement in which Bigmouthmedia’s CEO Mark Bole commented:

“For the past 18 months both bigmouthmedia and LBi have seen a real shift in client sentiment in regards to agencies: clients are increasingly looking for best in class agencies with the capability to cover all aspects of the digital universe – integrating search and digital media with creative and technology supported by strong transparent measurement – and the combined expertise of both companies will put us in a strong position to meet this demand,” said Mark.

“This deal brings together the two leading agencies to offer a truly differentiated full service proposition, with strong skills across all the disciplines that help our clients attract, engage and retain customers in a more integrated and effective way. The complementary skills and geographic footprint of the two agencies will put us in position to offer the market the very best talent from across the industry with a footprint across Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East and Africa.”

We have been in touch with them and shall be covering the merger in more detail soon, but in the meantime, you can catchup with the coverage here:

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