Leftovers: A Blizzard of Search News

12 updates to read over a lazy weekend.

This week started off fairly quiet in the search news world, but the last two days have been pounded with stories. Here’s a roundup of news we couldn’t quite get to:

Wired did an expose on Google’s algorithm.

Xerox sued Google and Yahoo over search patents.

YouTube introduced a new playlist interface, enabled an add-to-queue feature in search, and integrated video comments with text comments.

Facebook patented their News Feed.

Google Ad Planner is now DoubleClick Ad Planner in the wake of the announcement of DoubleClick for Publishers.

Leapfish integrated Topsy into their results.

Nielsen supplied data on which US and Canadian individual Olympic athletes were trending in search. Though, it’s quite surprising to see Joannie Rochette missing from the Canada data.

Google made the case for digitizing orphaned books.

Yahoo! updated Social Pulse, enabling interaction with Facebook, Flickr and MySpace via your mobile phone.

Gmail improved search.

Google Analytics and Website Optimizer will be undergoing system upgrades over the next couple of weeks.

The first white space spectrum test is underway in Wilmington, NC.

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