Intensifies Focus on SEO

New hire to aid writers and editors in attracting traffic to articles. is a content site that hires writers to produce articles on a variety of topics. Writers are paid based on revenue share, which has a strong correlation to the number of eyeballs each article attracts. Many people come to view articles on Suite101 via search, so implementing SEO strategies is a must for writers who wish to be successful.

“Making sure well-written articles get found online involves continuous hard work and search engine knowledge,” said Peter Berger, CEO and President of Media Inc.

As a result, has created a knowledgebase where writers can learn the ropes of search engine optimization. Now, they’re stepping up efforts with a new hire in Aaron Bradley.

“Aaron is a respected expert in this area and he’s also a teacher. It’s a huge plus for writers to have an in-house expert resource who can share what they know with our writers and editors, while also making sure our sites are architecturally sound,” said Berger.

Bradley will serve as SEO Director for Suite101. It’s a new position designed to help editors and writers create better opportunities for their articles. Bradley has done SEO work for major Internet retailers and is a specialist in in-house SEO.

“I look forward to working with the thousands of quality writers that make the Suite101 sites such an important resource for people, and so rightfully attractive to search engines,” said Bradley. “I’m committed to ensuring these great articles are made easy to find by search engines. In concert with this effort, I’m also committed to making sure Suite101 writers receive the maximum exposure and remuneration for their work.”

SEO is just part of a strategy in making the content business profitable. While traditional media has dragged their feet at adopting online strategies, blogging has taken off and so-called content farms are trying to find ways to build a profitable, scalable model.

Berger says that Suite101 is proof that middle ground can be successful. Focusing solely on evergreen content, Suite101 only accepts 20% of submissions. Berger’s focus is on quality, even if that means foregoing keyword opportunities. He’s counting on quality to not only aid with SEO efforts but to help Suite101 to stand out among other content sites.

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