Coremetrics Latest to Add Facebook Analytics

Measuring the world’s most popular social network is taking the web analytics industry by storm.

Last week, Webtrends unveiled its Facebook measurement capabilities and this week another web analytics company is jumping in the social media measurement game. Coremetrics has announced the availability of Facebook analytics in its web analytics solution.

“Given consumers’ extensive adoption and deep engagement with Facebook, it is critical for marketers to have a clearly measurable understanding of how their customers are engaging on Facebook in the context of their total online presence,” said John Squire, chief strategy officer, Coremetrics.

Coremetrics measures both impressions and clicks and connects them to conversion data. Visits to Facebook fan pages, exposure to Facebook ads and interaction with Facebook applications are all available for measurement. Clients have control over what data they wish to collect.

Facebook will receive some attribution even when there is not a direct click related to an action or conversion. Let’s say a user is exposed to an ad on Facebook but later searches and clicks on a paid ad related to the same campaign. Coremetrics allows attribution assignment to Facebook for its role in driving the user to search.

“Facebook campaigns–just like any other marketing program–must support strategic business objectives. Our approach to social media analytics is built on the premise that people interact with a brand in many different ways, through many different channels, and that the true measurement of ROI demands a fully integrated view of your customers,” said Squire.

The update is an enhancement to Coremetrics Impression Attribution, which is part of the Coremetrics Continuous Optimization Platform.

Data collection for Facebook is in accordance with the social network’s Terms of Service.

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