Yahoo! Launches Paid Search Desktop Tool

New tool allows you to manage multiple search marketing campaigns offline.

The new Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop is a free tool offering five major tasks:

  • Bulk editing: Make mass changes to status, match type and budget settings. Adjust multiple keyword bids. Export to Excel your view of keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns.
  • Campaign transfer: One step to import your third-party campaign data.
  • Keyword research: A keyword suggestion engine is included. It allows you to get URL-based keyword suggestions and export the list into Excel.
  • Find, replace and search: Easily alter text in ads, keywords, ad groups and campaigns. Also, search for information in any account tab as well as specific campaigns, ad groups, or keywords in your account, etc.
  • Account performance statistics: Retrieve status and statistics for your account’s impressions, clicks, CTR, ad quality scores, etc.

Have you used the Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop yet? If so, let us know what you think of the tool by leaving a comment below.

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