Google Launches Gesture Search for Android

Handwrite your way to faster search.

If we’re going to be honest, no one completely loves the process of typing search queries (or typing much of anything) onto a mobile device. The search engines know it – that’s why they include query suggestion features on their mobile apps.

There are also voice search features, barcode scanning apps and experiments with like-image search. Now you can add another nifty search feature to the lineup: gesture search.

Google has introduced the feature as a Labs product for Android. To use the search, you write a letter across the screen. Gestures search will then begin bringing up contacts, apps, bookmarks and music that begin with the letter.

If your handwriting sucks, Google may bring up results for more than one letter. If you didn’t listen to your mom who taught you that the “h” goes up higher than the “n,” you may encounter this situation. But, I digress.

Here are screenshots via the Google Mobile blog (why Google thinks this “h” looks like an “a” is beyond me.)


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