Citysearch Teams with OrangeSoda for Online Marketing Solution

Local advertising meets search engine optimization with new tool for marketers.

You probably know Citysearch as a local online media site. You may know OrangeSoda as an SEO provider. Together, they make a tasty, sophisticated cocktail.

They’ve come together to make your life easier. And now that the day is three seconds shorter due to the Chilean earthquake, you’re gonna need solutions like the CityGrid Complete.

What CityGrid Complete offers is a network of 100 web and mobile partners for online advertising, including search. What OrangeSoda offers is search engine optimization for organic listings.

“Every search engine has introduced local directory listings prominently in their organic search results and this has given small businesses another way to get featured in the search engine results real estate,” said Jay Bean, CEO of OrangeSoda.

CityGrid Complete is an extension of – wait for it – CityGrid, which Citysearch launched in January. It’s an online ad network focused around local content.

“Whether it’s driving new customers to our advertisers from major search sites or mobile applications, CityGrid Complete is about delivering local businesses the highest quality leads for the best value,” said Jay Herratti, CEO of Citysearch.

If you’re like other search marketing professionals in this economy, you may have found your responsibilities increase while your salary and staff stay the same. Comprehensive marketing tools like CityGrid Complete can streamline efforts to maximize your online marketing efforts or expand them into local. But don’t worry, when the economy gets better and it’s time for a raise and new hires, we won’t tell your boss.

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