Bing Maps Gets Worldwide Telescope App [Visual Tour]

Explore space from your laptop.

Even the most amateur of astronomers would tell you that the best way to view the night sky is outdoors. But if you live in a city with too much light pollution or it’s a cloudy night, you don’t have to put your astrophysics curiosities on hold.

Microsoft has created a Worldwide Telescope (WWT) application for Bing Maps. It works with Silverlight, which means I can hear you groaning through the Interwebs. (Your non-Silverlight alternative, of course, is Google Sky.)

Here’s a visual tour of how to access the WWT app:

Go to Bing Maps and click on the Apps option in the menu at the bottom of the left sidebar:

Screen shot 2010-03-18 at 2.17.01 PM.png

The Worldwide Telescope app is the second one on the first row:

Screen shot 2010-03-18 at 2.16.38 PM.png

The app launches various options back into the left sidebar:

Screen shot 2010-03-18 at 2.16.52 PM.png

Click your selection. Within that selection look for “fly to” to load the sky map:

Screen shot 2010-03-18 at 2.17.17 PM.png

There are various circles to click and learn more about what’s out there:

Screen shot 2010-03-18 at 2.17.41 PM.png

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