Augmented Reality Session at #sesny [LIVE BLOG]

5:33pm Q: Is anyone working with clients internally?

Ogden: SAP is a great example. Their employees can walk around and see a lot of their data. Closed system.

5:29pm Q&A time.

Q: Standard format?
A: No one site to find the formats.

Q: Testing for different browsers. Any possibility for standardizing?
Farbo: Our platform is proprietary. But some standards will come in at some point.
Pasqua: It’s the end of the era for being able to design for a single platform. Can’t just put one iteration of content out there and assume it will get reach people. It will probably get more complex.
Krum: Be the guy that makes porting content easy. You’ll make tons of money.

5:28pm The future is great for this industry. We won’t be limited to mobile use only. We’ll have glasses and even contact lenses eventually.

5:26pm In situ projects – in progress. Working on visualizing buildings on location before they’re built. What’s their impact on the surrounding environment?

5:24pm The Beatles Augmented Reality Tour. Layar reality platform. Take a picture “with” the Beatles – famous Abbey Road photo. Plays video, audio, launch a web page, dial a phone number, send an SMS, show an image.

5:23pm It’s a great technology. Brings the internet around us.

Are we using it the best way possible?

Not just location-based reality but location-based experience.

5:22pm Just hit a milestone last month of 1 million downloads.

Use GPS and need AR browser app on phone

We can take data from any API with location info in it. Twitter, Yelp, Wikipedia, etc.

5:21pm Last presentation is Howard Ogden, Founder, Augment Reality

5:19pm Barrier to entry lower than you think. There are open source APIs out there. No reason with the resources out there that an augmented reality app should cost you any more than any other mobile app you would build.

Think about how you’re sourcing your data. Your data, users tagging?

5:17pm Potential business models – virtual demos, augmented retail, enhanced events, location layers, experiential education.

5:15pm Imagine if the Museum of Natural History had an application that made the exhibits come to life. Imagine being home shopping and taking a photo of a house and getting info (bedrooms, bathrooms, price, etc).

5:14pm Post Office app helps you know what size box you need for the item you want to ship (using a mobile camera).

5:13pm So far, many of the big brands that are using AR are trending towards gratuitous uses. Using a new tech for the sake of using a new tech.

5:12pm Not seeing a lot of examples from big brands using augmented reality. So, where does it fit in for performance marketers?

5:11pm Relays story of speaking and feeling insecure that people are looking at their phones. But they were actually texting about her speech.

SEMs think about search in terms of Google. But search encompasses so much more than that.

5:09pm Rachel Pasqua, Director of Mobile Marketing, iCrossing is up to talk about the ROI of augmented reality

5:07pm A dictionary is more than a word look-up. People love word games and spelling games. What if you were playing a game like that and you didn’t know the word? You could point the phone at the word and get a definition. It’s coming.

Cross-cycling traffic. Don’t know a word on Ask? Go over to Vice versa.

5:06pm Over 10 million downloads of the mobile apps (iPhone, Android, Blackberry). One of the reasons IAC bought, they wanted to increase traffic to It’s work better than expected.

5:05pm When Barry Diller bought, he probably didn’t envision augmented reality.

5:04pm Next up, Tom Sipple, VP of

5:02pm acrosshair has ability for data and reporting

5:01pm Heavy use of text-based search

5:00pm acrosshair Browser serves up ads and includes custom, stand-alone apps.

4:59pm ZAGAT is a great example of pulling in data and augmenting it in their own reality.

4:58pm “An augmented reality browser is an aggregation of categories, layered data and other elements that allows users to find and interact with them in a hands-on fashion.”

4:56pm Dana Farbo, President of Imano/acrosshair takes the mic.

4:54pm If you’re marketing for an application, do what you would normally do. Good content, etc. Apps are ranking in search results for a competitive term.

4:53pm I’m late to the session. Cindy Krum is speaking. I should have gotten here on time because she’s awesome.

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