SES Keynote Day 3: Yusuf Mehdi [LIVE BLOG]

9:07am Mike Grehan and Yusuf Mehdi take the stage. Sitting in director’s chairs, they’re going to have a chat-style presentation. Oh yeah, Mehdi is SVP of Online Audience Business at Bing.

9:16am A bunch of chat about typical search history stuff – the blue links, Page Rank, etc. Meanwhile, Bing is previewing new features this morning. You can find out more about it here. And hopefully soon here on this live blog.

9:20am Time from first query to purchase is 2-4 weeks.

9:26am FINALLY time for the new stuff. Beginning today, Bing is rolling out search type filters across the top of the results. Images, maps, events, etc. The options across the top will be relevant to the search. So, images and events for an entertainer, maps and weather for travel searches.

9:23am Talking about understanding user intent, one of Bing’s major talking points.

9:25am How to optimize for Bing? Make sure your site is crawl-worthy, links with good anchor text. Pretty much how you optimize for Google.

9:31am Another new feature is providing deep links/info directly in the results. For example, search the New York Times. You’ll get the customer service number, which Mehdi says is something that is difficult to find across many niches. And then there’s deep links and an in-result search box.

9:34am Mehdi showing off mobile search or mobile app or something. It’s all Windows Phone 7-ey or Zune-like.

9:37am Showing Bing Maps with newspaper integration. Look on the map and see papers from around the world. And moving on to Bing Maps applications. The new Twitter app, for example.

9:38am Now talking Streetside Imagery. And the user-generated photos overlaid on the map, a feature released in February.

This isn’t new stuff. I think people in the crowd are impressed. It only means they’ve never really used Bing before.

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