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If you have missed it, we have been running a photoshop competition on the Search Engine Watch fan page ( The competition concept was to remix movie posters into #seofilms, namely films with a search engine marketing theme.

The idea came from a Twitter trending topic at #SESLondon kickstarted by a handful of funny men (and women), leading to hundreds of people tweeting title suggestions for #seofilms over 2 days. Some bloggers picked out the highlights.

Checkout the #seofilms gallery on Facebook. The competition rules were simple – the picture with the most likes wins 2 platinum passes to ANY SES of their choice.

Awesome huh? Yeah, we thought so too, until we saw the entries and realized that actually the prizes were not awesome enough. In fact, the entries were so funny that we we decided to have 3 runners up.

Now it is with great pleasure that we can announce the winners, voted for by ‘the public’.

Winner! PRIZE: 2 Platinum passes to ANY SES within the next 12 months

“The Black Hatter – Alice in Wonderwheel Land” by Angie Schottmuller (41 Likes)

Runners up! PRIZE: A Flip Ultra HD

Linkback Mountain #seofilms by David Freeman (14 Likes)

Lord of the Bings by Heather Buckley (13 Likes)

SES I love you! Sometimes you have to live life one conference at a time by Laura Kluinhaar-Sloet (11 Likes)

May we take this opportunity to give a big shoutout to @jaamit from Freshegg who was instrumental in launching the competition.

Please congratulate the winners and all the participants in the comments below. Which one caused you to laugh out loud? Or stifle a giggle?

And then tell all your search marketing and social media buddies to join our community on Facebook. We’re up for fun, collaborating and creating cool stuff! .

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