YouTube Videos: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

The major league baseball season gets underway Sunday night. Instead of looking at the New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox starting lineups, I thought I’d take a look at the YouTube videos that have been recently uploaded about one of the oldest, most famous and fiercest rivalries in American professional sports.

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Let’s begin with “Joe’s Job – The Ballad Of Terry Francona“. Uploaded on January 29, 2010, by nyyankeefanforeve, this is the sad musical tale of Terry Francona, a manager stuck in Boston and tormented by his envy of a colleague, Joe Girardi, who manages a team far, far and away better than his.

Then, check out The Nation Lives – Barbershop. Uploaded by beisbolct on March 20, 2010, this is a new ad campaign from the Red Sox & NESN that features a Yankees fan walking into a barbershop full of Red Sox players.

Next, is Next is YANKEES VS. RED SOX ESPN SPEC COMMERCIAL. Uploaded by MrBeAnderson on April 12, 2008, it is an ESPN Spec commercial shot for Carmines, a local pizza restaurant in Brooklyn. The director was Bengt Anderson.

Finally, there’s Boston Red Sox- “Greatest Day”- Yankees Choke. Uploaded by bangedup on April 18, 2006, it features the greatest comeback in Major League Baseball’s playoff history. The Boston Red Sox won 4 straight games against their hated rivals the New York Yankees. It was made the drunken/ hung-over morning after the Sox won game 7 of that series.

So Sunday night, as fans of the Bronx Bombers and The Olde Town Team sit down to watch the rivalry renewed yet again, remember: They started it first.

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