Confirm Your Google Buzz Settings

The Official Gmail Blog has officially warned users to “Confirm your Buzz settings.”

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Todd Jackson, Product Manager, posted the following warning yesterday afternoon: “Shortly after launching Google Buzz, we quickly realized we didn’t get everything right and moved as fast as possible to improve the Buzz experience. We made a number of changes to the getting started experience based on your feedback, the most significant of which was replacing auto-following with suggestions for people to follow.”

He added, “Rather than automatically setting you up to follow the people you email and chat with most, Google Buzz now suggests people for you to follow instead. This way, Buzz is still simple to set up (no one wants to peck out an entire social network from scratch) but you aren’t set up to follow anyone until you choose to do so.”

To help users keep up to date with all of the changes being made to Google Buzz, the company has created a Google Buzz account. Is it just me, or does this strike you as ironic?

Okay, so it isn’t as weird as Toyota offering to loan you a car while they’re working on your “runaway Prius.” But, I plan to check out the tips and tricks on using Google Buzz by watching the videos on Google’s new YouTube channel:

Intro to Google Buzz

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