Fionn Downhill of Elixir Interactive on Selling Search to the C-Suite at SES NY 2010

One of the popular sessions at SES New York 2010 was entitled, “Selling Search to the C-Suite.” It was moderated by Anne F. Kennedy, a member of the SES Advisory Board, the Founder & MP of Beyond Ink, and the FP & CMO of Following the session, Kennedy interviewed one of the speakers, Fionn Downhill, the CEO and President of Elixir Interactive.

Selling Search to the C-Suite

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Downhill said its important to understand the distinction between the way search marketers talk about marketing and search and the way traditional marketers converse about marketing. To get better at communicating with traditional marketers, Downhill said she became a better listener, understanding and identifying their pain points.

Downhill also discussed the problem of today’s college marketing courses that still omit search marketing as part of their curriculum. To help overcome this challenge, she works with Arizona State University (ASU) in an intern program with the digital media and computer sciences department and students are able to get actual search marketing experience.

Selling SEO to CEOs and traditional marketers at SES NY 2010

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